Basic of Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis BaiscDisease name: Psoriatic Arthritis

In addition to patients with psoriasis will make the skin inflammation, the greater the risk of induced arthritis, two percent, if additional treatment, fingertips in a few years a “bone dissolution.”

Initial foot joint pain, and after skin peeling, burning, itching skin inflammation, joint problems Caibei diagnosed as psoriatic arthritis.

Have not yet know the etiology, but the medical profession in connection with heredity.

If you have any psoriasis symptoms, blood tests immediately, to prevent the occurrence of psoriatic arthritis.

Psoriatic arthritis traditional therapy is taking anti-inflammatory drugs, but failed to inhibit the disease. Furthermore, non-steroid drugs can cause gastrointestinal bleeding, and even liver and kidney function; steroid will cause high blood pressure, diabetes, skin edema, cataracts and other serious side effects. Biological agents Etanercept, Adalinumab, Infliximab is made from the protein. This drug can prevent the immune system disorders and damage due to joint. Foreign studies have shown that patients with sustained, three months after injection, 59% of the disease have been improved significantly. But because the drug suppresses the immune system, doctors recommended only for the moderate to severe disease in patients receiving conventional therapy when used. Heart disease, hepatitis and pneumonia vaccination in high risk patients Dengjun not.

Whether there is seasonal?

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