Different Psoriatic Arthritis

Different Psoriatic ArthritisAccording to different definitions, about 10 to 30% of psoriasis patients have psoriatic arthritis. Traditionally, the rheumatoid factor was negative, while there are skin symptoms of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients of arthritis is called, now put the psoriatic arthritis is defined as a spinal joint disease, most of these patients are HLA-B27 positive patients. Traditionally, the most commonly used classification of psoriatic arthritis is 1973 MOLL and WRIGHT two scholars set out by the five psoriatic arthritis, of which there are overlapping each other, there is always mixed.

(A) The first is the so-called distal interphalangeal arthritis, these patients account for about 10% to 20%, in men, of which 80% of patients will also merge with nail disease, from one to the distal finger were all violated. The current study does not consider it a very specific type of psoriatic arthritis.

(B) The second is a multiple of arthritis, clinical manifestations similar to rheumatoid arthritis, probably accounts for 25% to 60% of patients in the female slightly.

(C) The third is the so-called destruction of the arthritis, patients may present severe joint deformation, bone resorption refers to shorter, or have a similar telescope-like embedded, sleeve of deformation, these patients accounted for 1 percent to five per cent.

(D) The fourth is around the few asymmetric arthritis, violation of not more than four joints to joints as the center, inflammatory fluid leakage to the flexor tendon sheath, rendering the whole finger swelling, looks like a sausage (sausage digit), most such patients are the most common and typical of psoriatic arthritis, about 40% to 55%, and some acute attack of gout will be similar to the way of performance, there are some patients will then gradually evolved into multiple arthritis.

(E) a fifth category for the axial stiffness of arthritis, or way of performance, long-term back pain, neck pain, chest tightness and performance. These patients can be divided into two categories, one is arthritis of the spine accounts for 5 percent to 20 percent, and the other is called the sacroiliac bone inflammation accounted for 10% to 25% of such patients axial and stiffness of arthritis pain than less, rarely alone, often combined with other surrounding arthritis.

The new study’s definition of psoriatic arthritis, expand contacts to include bone lesions in a class of diseases, including the Festival, ligaments, tendons and sarcolemma, and these were often combined with psoriasis symptoms, but there will be no skin symptoms.

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